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NOS DESPEDIMOS DE KAT, nuestra auxiliar de conversación

Su paso por el Ies Matarraña ha dejado huella entre alumnos, profesores y habitantes de Valderrobres. Se ha implicado al máximo en todos los sentidos y nos sentimos afortunados de haber podido contar con una persona tan dulce como ella. Qué mejor manera de despedirla que con el trabajo de los propios chavales. Aquí dejamos el link de un ejemplo de video-despedida de la clase de 3º ESO C:

We’ll really miss you. Good luck Kat! We wish you the best in the future!



Video cover “Strike for Climate Change” by Greta Thunberg

Este curso 2019-2020, nos volvemos a presentar al “CONCURSO DE LECTURA EN PÚBLICO” convocado por el Gobierno de Aragón. Nuestros chicos y chicas de 2º ESO A han participado grabando este video como un alegato contra el cambio climático. Aquí os dejamos un adelanto con algunas imágenes durante la grabación:


Estudiantes de 1º bachillerato en frente del London Eye

Este pasado mes de Abril , tuvimos la gran suerte de acompañar a nuestro grupo de estudiantes de 1º Bachillerato a Londres. ¡La experiencia fue espectacular! Los chavales disfrutaron al máximo y aprovecharon cada minuto del viaje… Pero la mejor manera de explicaros esta gran aventura es con un relato de uno de ellos, Carlos Alegre:

“Hi lovely readers! Here I come to hype you for going on your 1ºBachillerato course, if you have the chance, to London, such a beautiful city! Believe me, It´s an amazing trip you’d better not lose my dear fellows. Boring? Not at all. You might be thinking right now… But why is it so good and fun? Well, here I am to explain you some things so you can better understand this exciting experience.

Millenium Bridge

Let´s begin with the fact that London is such a very very very big city, around 8.1 million people of population! Just half a million people less than NewYork. Therefore, It´s plenty of all kind of human beings, you will have fun seeing such a wide range of different faces, beautiful women and men walking all around the city, enjoy the views! You know what I mean little naughty teenagers, but always with respect. And in such an enormous city, you will probably find your clone wearing your same clothes in the Tube for example, as we did with one of our partner Anna.

The Tube, Leicester Square

Let´s continue talking about London but wait a second, has someone just said the word buskers? Of course, there are buskers in London cheering up the streets of this astonishing city. You could say, It´s just watching people playing music and singing, not surprising I´ve seen it before… You could say it, but you’d better keep reading if you don’t know that they are very kind and funny people who you can even dance with and move your body with all your partners´ ones around and putting your phones or toys up swinging your hands left and right like a concert, hey but always being respectful. They won´t get angry with you, on the contrary they will thank you for your shared happiness and more people will come to see and record the busker, and all of you if you are dancing too much so… everyone wins and has a good time!


One of the many buskers in London

We went to a lot of landmarks all around the city, the big London Eye, I wish I could go up there again right now, the Big Ben, which by the way, It´s not as big as it seems in the photos, I’m not kidding, come on and go see it! We walked in front of the house full of security of the prime minister and besides we went to Buckingham palace to see the queen´s guard, a must see in London, not very funny and less epic than I thought but anyway, you should see it at least once, it´s worth it.

Buckingham Palace, change of Guard

Camden town, a guided relaxing tour on the river Thames, the amazing Shakespeare theater, the Jack the Ripper tour at night on the streets where he murdered people, Trafalgar square, the big free and surprisingly interesting and not boring British museum with mummies, Moáis and curious old stuff, the colorful houses and amazing street market of Portobello and a bunch more of other gratifying places with tens of funny anecdotes to tell in each one of them. I won´t spoil them here, It would be a very long writing. I prefer you to go there and live you own experience, you won´t regret it.

St. Paul’s Cathedral


Jack the Ripper tour…. a scary experience!

Regardless of all this, you must remember, it’s essential that you get along with all your travelling partners, that´s the essential part of travelling with people, this trip was the best school trip I´ve ever had but this is only because all of us get along very well together, teachers included. And of course London being such an entertaining city made the travel the wonder it was. Oh I almost forgot! To conclude I would like to say be careful with being ran over, they drive on the left side of the road!”

Arsenal’s stadium!